About Us

EMG Premium Display Network

We drive the industry towards realizing the full potential of online advertising. We do this through constant technological innovation, key partnerships, and strong client relationships.

Here at EMG, our main priority is to strengthen and build long term and practical business partnerships. Acknowledging the success of advertisers and publishers is key to hitting our goal. We are 100% focused on generating true value for advertisers and publishers.


As the Premium Display Network we believe every brand deserves a chance to tell its story. And to share it in a highly effective and efficient way.


This is why our two main objectives are:

  • to provide brands with a brand safe environment ensuring all campaigns follow the diligence required in achieving brand safety
  • to enable and ensure every single campaign reaches outstanding levels of viewability

Brand Safety

At EMG we are fully committed in providing a brand safe environment for all of our advertisers.

There are a range of ways and approaches we adopt to comfortably ensure that the safety and quality of our media buying:

Manual site vetting is significantly at the heart of what we do. Each of the sites we collaborate with are manually vetted to guarantee they meet our strict terms and conditions regarding inventory quality. We make sure all available means are put into action to prevent ads from being displayed by unsafe and untrusted publishers.



EMG Network ensures the highest quality network for all partner advertisers and publishers.

With this in mind EMG Network will take down all ads from publishers with inappropriate content within two working days of written notification.


Many ads served on the web never actually appear in view.

They simply go unseen.


Thanks to new advancements, we can now measure which specific digital ads are actually viewable on-screen.

We strongly encourage advertisers to step up shifting their mindset and start paying only for viewable impressions – instead of served impressions.

A display ad is considered viewable when 50% of an ad’s pixels are in view on the screen for a minimum of one second,

as defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).


EMG takes a far tougher approach when it comes viewability. We say 100% of an ad must be viewable for a minimum of three seconds.


It’s simple. Because we believe an ad impression should really leave an impression with impact.


Proudly, all our campaigns reach outstanding levels of viewability.

All this whilst working within a brand safe environment.

We these Brands

  • Hrvatska Lutrija
  • Hrvatska Pošta
  • Evo TV
  • Tele 2
  • Vipnet
  • Bnet
  • Juicy Fruits
  • Juicy Vita
  • Karlovačka Pivovara
  • Plodine