Premium SMB Partners

We Offer Advanced Business Solutions to our Premium SMB Partners

As an EMG Premium SMB Partner, your company will stand out from the competition with an opportunity to provide innovative and powerful digital marketing solutions to your clients.

EMG collaborates exclusively with a limited number of premium partners in each market. Partners who have shown a proven ability to help bring EMG’s advertising solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We trust our Premium SMB Partners to deliver the highest possible client experience whislt we fully support them in these efforts.

Outstanding Support for Your Business

We fully understand only satisfied premium partners can have satisfied clients.

This is why we take on board all technical issues and provide outstanding support for all premium partners.

Premium partners only need to focus on two main areas – extraordinary relationships with existing clients and expanding their client base.

From our premium partners we expect an 80:20 ratio in favour of activities related to existing clients.

Training Support
Sales Support
Marketing Support
Joint Promotions
Assigned Partner Manager
Quarterly Business Review
Performance Incentives

Outstanding Support for Your Clients

Your competitive advantage is reflected in our outstanding support to your client advertising needs. Your landing page or micro-site development and hosting, right through to ad units production, hosting and serving, full campaign management and even the opportunity of participating in our marketing projects.

Landing Page or Micro-Site Production
Landing Page or Micro-Site Hosting
Ad Unit Production
Ad Unit Hosting
Ad Unit Serving
Campaign Management
Opportunity to participate in EMG Marketing Projects

Premium SMB Partner Eligibility

EMG collaborates exclusively with a limited number of Premium SMB partners in each market country.

We trust our Premium SMB Partners to deliver the highest possible client experience whilst we fully support them in these efforts.

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Existing operational infrastructure
  • Existing client base of small / medium sized businesses
  • Extraordinary relationships with existing clients
  • Field sales force with the ability to sell EMG’s ad products
  • Commitment to provide phone and/or email client support

Tender is currently open for countries listed below

Bosnia and Herzegovina





In each of these markets, the number of Premium SMB Partners is limited to maximum 4.

All applications should be submitted in accordance with Premium SMB Partner Eligibility criteria and sent to our Marketing Department.

We these Brands

  • Ledo
  • Atlas
  • Dukat
  • Gavrilović
  • Lino
  • Podravka
  • Remisens
  • Liburnija Rivijera Hoteli
  • Tisak
  • Konzum