Built for Viewability

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Innovative & Versatile

By combining various EMG Ad Products and Ad Units, the advertiser will stand out in any branding or performance campaign.


Ad Viewability is our main priority.

Therefore the majority of EMG Ad Units are displayed only to the Active Real User in Active Window and in Non-standard advertising zones.

Advertiser will only pay for Viewable Impression and will not be charged for technical ad serving impression.

Premium Ads

Premium Ads are emotionally-charged and attention-grabbing ad units with a high visual impact which are strategically positioned above the viewed webpage.

Served as the first impression the user sees when visiting the website, this positively encourages user interaction and engagement.


In View Ads

Attention-grabbing In View Ads are positioned in non-standard advertising zones.

These ad units are constantly in user focus, leaving a strong visual impact.


Mobile Ads

With Mobile Ads advertisers are able to engage with potential customers whilst using smartphone and tablet devices. Attention-grabbing mobile ad units are constantly in user focus. This results in superior performance for advertisers and an interactive, highly engaging experience for consumers.


Classic Ads

With Classic Ads advertisers can connect with potential customers using a variety of media, from Video and Rich Media to Static image and Static image with Audio.


We these Brands

  • Hrvatska Lutrija
  • Hrvatska Pošta
  • Evo TV
  • Tele 2
  • Vipnet
  • Bnet
  • Juicy Fruits
  • Juicy Vita
  • Karlovačka Pivovara
  • Plodine